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Koh Phayam Attractions and Information

Koh Phayam is still surrounded by basically natural environment, no lighting, colorful, and any comfortable things.  You will touch the real sea gypsies and natural attractions on this island and nearby islands e.g. Bat Island (Koh Kangkao), Koh Kam Tok, Koh Kam Yai, Koh Kam Nui, etc.

I visited a lot of islands in Thailand, there is no one similar to Koh Payam. Here is back to the basic indeed. Along the small road while riding a motorbike across between two bays Ao Kao Kwai (Buffalo Bay) and Ao Yai (Big Bay), you will find Anacardium occidentale. Central of Koh Payam is forest full of wild birds, monkeys, wild boars, etc. Local people make coconut or rubber or anacardium occidental plantations.

Koh Payam is the 2nd largest island of Andaman sea in Ranong province, after Koh Chang. About 4 kms from Koh Chang. Koh Payam has no wide road for a car but for a motorbike. Tourists hire a motor bike at the pier and ride along the road to the resorts. There two majors beaches/bays e.g. Ao Yai and Ao Kao Kwai (Buffalo Bay).

Ao Yai is the largest bay on the west-coast with a 2 miles of length and 300m of width, with grey beach

In the north-west is the Kao Kwai Bay in a more quiet beach. Sea water is a bit clearer. Blue Sky Resort - Koh Payam is one of our recommended resorts of Koh Payam, Ranong.

Or you may stay a night at Khaolak Hotels, before leaving for Koh Payam.

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